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12x15 Pond With 15ft Waterfall Spicewood, TX $32k

Witness the breathtaking transformation of an existing pond installed by the previous homeowner! Our client attempted to clean the pond himself but soon realized the absence of a mechanical filter was making it a daunting task. Seeking a solution, he approached us for a design consultation, and we quickly convinced him of the low-maintenance advantages of our water features.

Our skilled team then undertook a three-week installation, turning the old pond into a serene haven that is now a joy to behold. With picturesque landscaping, an autofill system, underwater lights, aquatic plants, a 1000 series skimmer, a 6000 series Biofalls, and an adjustable pump with remote, our client's new pond is truly a sight to behold.

Now, he's in love with his natural koi pond and the delightful wildlife that inhabit it. Our client enjoys stunning views from his office, dining room table, and balcony, and we're confident that you too will be enchanted by this remarkable water feature.

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Modern fountain scape Austin, TX $13k

Prepare to be blown away by the stunning transformation of our client's yard with a modern fountain scape! The previous pond, which they inherited, was nothing short of an eyesore, earning the nickname "bog of eternal stench." Our team quickly stepped in and removed the old pond, replacing it with a gorgeous, low-maintenance fountain scape that perfectly complements the pool.

With exceptional views from their kitchen table and family room, our client can now enjoy a serene outdoor living space. Our skilled team completed the four-day installation with beautiful stacked slate walls, moon rock, a 300-gallon basin, an adjustable pump with remote, luscious plants, and four 1-watt warm color spotlights.

The result is a stunning water feature that is not only visually stunning but also effortless to maintain. If you're seeking to transform your outdoor space, contact us today for a design consultation. Our team has extensive experience creating unique and beautiful water features that will elevate your outdoor living experience.

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Spillway Bowl and Basin Austin, TX $4,500

Elevate the entrance to your courtyard with a beautifully designed, yet simple fountain that perfectly complements your outdoor space. Our client approached us with a request for a water feature that would encourage birds and other wildlife to visit their yard. We immediately knew that a spillway bowl and basin would be the perfect fit, as the edge of the bowl provides an excellent perching spot for birds.

Our expert team completed the two-day installation, which included everything in the spillway bowl and basin package, along with two additional features - three 1-watt spotlights and an autofill system. The result is a stunning water feature that not only adds an inviting touch of nature but also serves as a striking focal point for the courtyard entrance.

If you're looking to transform your outdoor space with a beautiful water feature, our team can help. Contact us today for a design consultation, and let us create a custom fountain that perfectly complements your space while also adding a peaceful ambiance to your property.

Modern Fountain Scape, Austin TX $14k

This lovely couple built a beautiful modern house in downtown Austin and had a custom fountain built for them, but unfortunately, it quickly became a rusted eyesore with multiple leaks. The exposed basin also made it difficult to keep clean. They were thrilled to replace it with a new fountain that not only looks amazing, but also requires very little maintenance. In fact, they now get compliments on it all the time! The new fountain features two stacked slate walls with front toppers, 6 1-watt spotlights, an adjustable pump with remote, an automatic dosing system, and autofill. The automatic dosing system and autofill make it maintenance-free, and they love the convenience of being able to adjust the flow with the remote. Unlike the old fountain, this one doesn't leak, and they couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

10x12 Pond With Stacked Slate Spheres, Bastrop TX $18k

This wonderful family had finally found their dream home in Bastrop, but there was one issue - the previous owners had built a DIY pond that lacked proper filtration and was difficult to maintain. They reached out to us for a design consultation, and while we initially proposed a standard pond with a waterfall, they expressed a preference for something unique. We collaborated on a plan for a stunning fountain scape pond featuring petrified stone and a small urn from their honeymoon, which not only added curb appeal but also provided gorgeous views from their front offices. The installation took just one week and included underwater lights, an auto-fill system, an automatic dosing system, aquatic plants, a 1000 series skimmer, small and medium stacked slate spheres, and an adjustable pump. Now, the family enjoys a low-maintenance and visually stunning water feature that always receives compliments from visitors.