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12x15 Pond With 15ft Waterfall Spicewood, TX $32k

Similar to most of our other projects this was a rebuild of an existing pond installed by the previous homeowner. The homeowner contacted us after attempting to clean it himself for the first time. Since the old pond did not have a mechanical filter (skimmer) everything that fell into the pond stayed there! He quickly realized the pond he just inherited was going to be a lot more work than he expected. He brought us out there for a design consultation and was quickly sold on the low maintenance aspect of our water features. He absolutely loves his new pond and enjoys watching all the wildlife interact with it. He has amazing views from his office, dining room table, and balcony. This was a 3 week installation complete with landscaping, autofill, underwater lights, aquatic plants, 1000 series skimmer, 6000 series Biofalls, and adjustable pump with remote. 

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Modern fountain scape Austin, TX $13k

This modern fountain scape transformed their yard! I unfortunately do not have any photos of the previous pond we removed. They inherited the pond and wanted to get rid of what they called "bog of eternal stench". They now have a very modern low maintenance fountain scape that compliments the pool. They have great views from their kitchen table and family room. This was a 4 day installation complete with beautiful stacked slate walls, moon rock, 300 gallon basin, adjustable pump with remote, plants and 4 1-watt warm color spotlights.

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Spillway Bowl and Basin Austin, TX $4,500

This family wanted a simple fountain to complement their entrance to the courtyard. As soon as we learned that they wanted to encourage birds and other wild life we knew the spillway bowl and basin would be the perfect fit. The edge of the bowl is the perfect perching spot for birds. This was a 2 day installation complete with everything in the spillway bowl and basin package with two add-ons. 3 1-watt spotlights and autofill.

Modern Fountain Scape, Austin TX $14k

This lovely couple built a beautiful modern house, in downtown Austin. They had a fountain installer design and build a totally custom fountain for them. It was not cheap by any means. Despite that, the fountain only lasted a year before the entire surface was covered in rust. The original installer removed the rust and applied another epoxy coating to prevent future rust. The epoxy did not work, 3 years later and the fountain is ruined. Completely rusted out with multiple leaks. On top of the poor construction the fountain had an exposed basin which meant it was always dirty and a huge eye sore. The pump was not adjustable. It was so loud that when they had guests over they turned it off! They are very happy with the new fountain to say the least. They now have an extremely low maintenance fountain scape with a remote to adjust the flow! This was a 4 day installation complete with two stacked slate walls with front toppers, 6 1-watt spotlights, an adjustable pump with remote, an automatic dosing system, and autofill. The automatic dosing system and the autofill make this fountain maintenance free!

10x12 Pond With Stacked Slate Spheres, Bastrop TX $18k

This amazing family bought the house of their dreams far from the city out in Bastrop. The only problem was the house came with a DIY pond the previous owners built. While they did enjoy it, it was a huge hassle to maintain it because it lacked proper mechanical or biological filtration. They called us out for a design consultation in which we pitched a standard 10 x 12 pond with a 6ft waterfall. They did not want a waterfall, so we got creative and came up with this unique fountain scape pond which incorporated petrified stone and a small stone urn they got on their honeymoon. In the end, it was the perfect fit we were able to get amazing curb appeal along with breathtaking views from both offices at the front of the house. This was a 1 week installation complete with underwater lights, auto fill, automatic dosing system, aquatic plants, 1000 series skimmer, 1 small and 1 medium stacked slate sphere, and adjustable pump.